How to Choose the Correct Diamond Blade

How to Choose the Correct Diamond Blade

When it comes to choosing diamond metal blades for a specific job, it is not a case of just choosing the first blade you come across. In fact, according to Devour Tools, makers of high-performance diamond blades, there are a number of things to consider to be certain you choose the correct blade for the job you are doing. If you pick the correct blade, you can be sure of speed and efficiency, thus helping you to save money. On the flipside, if you choose a blade that is not suitable, you are likely to incur increased costs because the job will inevitably take you longer. 

Consider the Materials to be Cut

While diamond blades are designed to cut most materials, including stone and steel, some are more suited to certain materials than others. The best thing to do is take the material you are cutting into account when purchasing a blade. Although you are unlikely to need a new blade every time you cut a different material, matching the blade to the material initially is the best way to ensure a high performance. 

Remember, diamond blades contain the hardest substance on Earth and are designed to cut hard materials such as concrete, tile, and metal. These blades should never be used to cut wood as they are simply too tough and you will not get a clean smooth cut. 

How Deep Do You Need to Cut? 

The depth of your cut will also be something to consider before purchasing a diamond blade. The diameter of the blade will affect how deep of a cut you can make. For example, a diamond 4.5 blade will not cut as deeply as a 7-inch blade. 

But it is not just the size of the blade you need to think about; you also need to consider the tool you will be using. The machine you’ll be using will be compatible with specific types of blades, so make sure you check first. Also, check if your machine is designed to cut wet or dry, as you will need a blade that matches. 

How Much Do You Want to Spend? 

The cost of diamond blades varies from brand to brand, and while it is not always true that you need to spend more for quality, when it comes to blades, the more expensive ones do tend to last longer. This is typically more important for smaller contractors or DIY enthusiasts. Larger contractors are not so worried about the lifespan of the blade rather than the speed at which they can get their work done. 

What Makes Diamond Blades Better than Regular Blades? 

There is no doubting the superiority of a diamond blade. These tough blades cut the hardest of materials with both precision and speed. With less vibration, they are also more comfortable to work with. Furthermore, because they grind materials down with friction rather than actually cutting, they are able to deal with debris better. 

Both professionals and occasional users of power saws prefer diamond blade saws because of the speed with which they cut. No matter what the job, using a diamond blade is quicker and more accurate than a regular blade. 

How to Know You are Using the Right Blade

As there is a lot of choice when it comes to the size and style of diamond blade, it can be difficult for those with little experience to choose the right one for their job. The thing to remember is that with the right blade, you are going to have a nice, clean cut. If you find that your blade needs to be replaced quite often, it is probably the wrong one.

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