Common Myths and Misconceptions Related to Tungsten Rings! 

Common Myths and Misconceptions Related to Tungsten Rings! 

Fashion today has spurged over everything and has been a very crucial aspect for one and all. But not just this, apart from having many advantages, tungsten rings also have some myths and misconceptions attached to them. 

There are several myths today that people believe and mark as facts. All these myths are often covering all the benefits of the tungsten rings and also cause in making some decisions without having proper knowledge and information. With a real understanding of what myths are and their truthfulness, you can get the best tungsten rings for you. 

  • Tungsten rings are, in reality, not made of the material called tungsten. 

This myth is only half true as fall these tungsten rings are made with the help of tungsten carbide. This alloy is a perfect combination of the rare metal called tungsten and also carbon. The alloy is also utilized instead of using a pure metal because it is too hard to shape rings into any other jewelry in its raw form. The major fact is that while many rings are not made from pure tungsten that does not contain metals but are not interchangeable.  

  • Tungsten rings in real are not metal. 

As many rings are made up of tungsten carbide and not pure metal, this is not true. Several people also call tungsten rings ceramic jewelry, but this statement is, in reality, not true. The perfect diversification of these rings is core metal, which is the class of any compounds made of metallic and non-metallic materials that should be there. But, because of the mysterious nature of this term, there is often confusion as to whether the tungsten rings are not metals in reality.

  • Tungsten rings are brittle and can be cracked easily.  

This myth might look true to some, and it also might look to based on facts that they all are made from tungsten carbide and pure material. Simultaneously, all this creation of the alloy does not remove some of the power from any elements and does not make it easy to be cracked. It eventually does not imply that tungsten rings are fully resistant, but the power required is much more than you might always need. Yes, the higher quality of the tungsten rings, the much more crack resistance they hold. To check out some trendy tungsten do visit online stores like Intellirings. 

  • No one can remove the tungsten rings in case of any emergency. 

A very commonly known myth about rings from strengthened metals is that one cannot remove them in an emergency. This myth is completely false as any standard mishappening room equipment will have the ability to remove tungsten rinks without taking the finger with the same. 

  • There is no sort of difference between cheap and expensive tungsten rings. 

This myth is also not true as there is a major difference in the quality of cheap and expensive tungsten. When there is a creation of tungsten rings, then nickel is used as a simple binding agent. In many cheap tungsten rings, cobalt is used in place of nickel. 


By now, you must have got some good idea of the myths and misconceptions about tungsten rings that several people believe. Tungsten rings are a great ideal fit for every person.

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