April 12, 2024
A Men’s Tee Buyers Guide

A Men’s Tee Buyers Guide

T-shirts are versatile clothes that can be worn by anyone and feel comfortable in the look. Men have varying physical appearances from the females, which brings the shape difference in their tees. The t-shirts can be from the same brand, but they have varying features like; size, color, and fabric compositions.  So, while shopping for a t-shirt, what do you consider before making the buying decision?  Let’s have a look at the focus factors while purchasing men’s tees.

  • The fabric used

When buying a t-shirt, you must confirm the cloth’s fabric compositions. Is it 100% cotton, synthetic fabric, polyester, or a blend of polyester and cotton? Often cotton fabrics are common when designing Men’s Tee as they offer better absorption, are elegant, and are long-lasting. Some prefer cotton plus polyester fabrics as they are easy to maintain, unlike the 100% cotton T-shirt. Choose a t-shirt whose fabrics serve your needs and preferences.

  • Know your size and body type

The tees come in varying sizes; large, small, and medium. Buying a t-shirt from a walk-in store is simple when choosing the perfect size as you will try out the t-shirts till you get what suits your taste. Online T-shirt shopping will be challenging if you don’t know your size. Plus, size differs with brands at times such that even when you know your size, the tee you get isn’t the best.  Take measurements of your shoulders and chest and use those figures to get a well-fitting tee.

  • Price

Of course, you have your budget before you start looking for the best tee to buy. Prices vary due to t-shirt brand and fabric. Make sure you get what your pocket can afford always.

  • T-shirt design

t-shirt design can mean the neck cut or its prints. T-shirts come with round necks, V-cut necks, or with a color. There are both long and short-sleeved men’s Tees. You can choose the neck design based on your preferences orthe occasion’s specifications.

The tee print creates an attractive appeal while you are wearing t-shirts. Mostly, we wear t-shirts on causal looks; thus, getting a printed T-shirt makes more sense. Check the writings on the tee plus, you can ask for print customization as well.

  • Outline your need

As mentioned, Tees are versatile clothes that serve multiple functions. However, before you start your shopping, be sure you understand the reasons for your purchase. For example, are you buying the tee for sports, relaxing at home, or attend a party over the weekend? The kind of event you are attending will assist you in deciding on the type of tee to order.

  • General Tee construction

How is the position of seams? Does the t-shirt have sewing flaws? The best tee should have perfect seam positioning. i.e., side and shoulder seams are in the right position. Buying tees with shifted seams alter its appearance. Check if the t-shirt you are buying has any skipped stitches.

Final thought

Buying men’s Tees is an easy task with the numerous selling stores available. However, while purchasing your tee, you need to get value for the money you spend. Therefore, with our buyer’s guide, be sure you are buying the best.

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